Badrinath, Valley of Flowers, Hemkund Sahib, Auli (India) – Day 9 of 9

An account of our 9-day road trip to Badrinath – Day 9

June 2012

(Note: This travelogue was written real-time, as the 9-day road trip to Badrinath progressed)

Rudraprayag to Delhi

We managed to wake up early in the morning, perhaps the earliest we had been up during this entire trip. Since we had settled our dues with GMVN Rudraprayag yesterday night itself, we quickly loaded our luggage in the car and rolled off. There were very few vehicles on the road and the descent was quick. As we crossed Shivpuri some 20 km before Rishikesh, we could see the first batches of tourists gearing up for rafting downstream to Rishikesh. We had got the desired head-start over the weekend vacationers from Delhi who would start driving back to Delhi in hordes in the afternoon, causing jams on the highway.

We decided to stop for breakfast at the famous German Bakery at one end of the “Laxman Jhoola” suspension bridge in Rishikesh. This small restaurant is very popular among foreign backpackers who spend hours here sitting, sipping coffee, reading, chit-chatting and generally whiling away time. We did not know however that the restaurant has an extremely limited breakfast menu. We ate whatever best was on offer and decided to continue our journey back home without delay.

There was heavy traffic in Rishikesh and Haridwar, right through Roorkee. Driving on this crowded highway seemed more tedious to us than negotiating the treacherous mountain roads we had left behind. With the dreaded Purkazi looming ahead on the route, we were distraught and scared. We decided not to take any chances and escaped to the Canal Road before hitting Purkazi. We re-joined the highway a few kilometres down and the journey from thereon was smooth. We stopped for lunch near Meerut. The afternoon sun was upon us with all its vengeance and we were badly missing the cool mountains which we were treading just a couple of days back.

After a brief stop-over at our friend’s place in Ghaziabad, we reached Gurgaon late in the evening.

A magical nine day vacation had come to a conclusion, though we knew that the memories from this trip were going to last forever.


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